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https://www.zoomquilt.org. This is a community compiled list of cool sites to visit while you're tripping and/or bored. The list will grow as more interesting sites are found out and suggested. But for now, enjoy and have fun! 0. Stereodose - Select music, depending on drug and mood ( 1. Music orbit visualizer ( 2. Falling Visualizer ( 3. Weavesilk Interactive Generative Art Maker ( 4. Sandbo. https://neave.com/swarm/ - Swarming thing that follow your mouse https://neave.tv/ - TV with 'no context' (Click / Change channel) - Forever zooming pictures https://neave.com/imagination/ - Probably posted before https://danryckert.eu/ - Crazy and Weird -puzzlegame- https://neave.com/pixel-dust/ - Paint with pixels / Nothing special https://strobe.cool/ - Intesify your already hallucinogenic mind with some more illusions I'm sure some of these links have been posted. I'm looking for Baked Artist to create a project like this! ( It would be awesome! Slightly less dark, but still inspired by your favorite herb! Just draw whatever the Ganja is suggesting, just keep the center empty so we can nest something else inside! The new image could be nested in a blank painting, a blank window, a blank tv screen whatever! You draw, I'll take care of the editing :) Can't wait to see your ENTries! EDIT: Forgot to say: -Better colored. -We shoul. I've yet to have a proper, long trip before. I've only used salvia, cannabis and HBWR (but they failed). I got some 25i (not as good as L, I know) and I want the first trip to be something not overwhelming but definitely not boring. I was going to split a 1200ug tab so theoretically ~600ug. I want a list of websites which I can enjoy whilst I'm tripping. So far I have: http://new.weavesilk.com/. These are just a few websites I thoroughly enjoy while high. (join this online drawing tool, join your fellow ents) USE YOUR USERNAME AS YOUR REDDIT USERNAME EDIT : more rooms now - a real time drawing board. (lets see how many ents we can get in room one) WRITE R/TREES IF YOU GO ON http://balldroppings.com. Despite modern neural networks have more in common with algebra then biology, we cannot ignore the similarities with the way real neurons work. Findings in machine learning and mathematics have already been useful to understand how the brain works. For instance, certain dopaminergic neurons have been shown to implement, de-fact, a reinforcement learning protocol in which dopamin corresponds to the "expected reward" of an event. Without such a deep knowledge of machine learning, it would • Excellent: Zoom quilt I: • Great with added audio: Infinite Oz • Good: Zoom quilt II http://zoomquilt2.madmindworx.com/zoomquilt2.swf. Mixed 1p-LSD and poppers after only 1 week tolerance, and my god visuals were far stronger than a 4tab trip with the same tolerance. It's more legal, cheaper?, easier to obtain, and arguably as potent as the revered Molly/LSD combo. visuals were similar to the following (http://zoomquilt.org). I made a post a couple months back of a large array of websites to enjoy while high. Here is a new updated list for all you fellow ents to enjoy: --Also feel free to add me on steam id : intensifrying : will accept any friend requests-- --more sites will be added if suggested or i find more-- : this site is an online drawing board. I will make more rooms for you guys if this one gets full second drawing room in case the other. http://www.zoomquilt.org/index.html. Does anyone know of some more websites similar to and http://arkadia.xyz/. Hey guys, gonna trip tonight and wanted to see if anyone might be willing to share some pictures/gifs they like to look at while tripping, this is an example of what Im looking for but everything is welcome! Arkadia.xyz cosmic-symbolism.com zoomquilt.org makeagif.com/7N5_sp Thanks again, sending good vibes Every month or so i like to do a post of websites that are fun to visit while high. I will keep this post updated for the next day or so with sites submitted by you Ents or more websites that i find myself. Feel free to submit sites in the Replies. Here's an updated List of sites For you fellow Ents: First of all, flockdraw. An online drawing room for you guys. Multiple drawing rooms for if they get full:. Looking for opinions on which of the following videos you prefer and why. Not asking you to critique the song, so if you don't like the music just press mute. The song is the same for both videos. This is a self post so remember no karma for me, just upvotes for visability. Also, both videos are unlisted and I will be posting the "final" one separately, so I don't care about view counts and I don't have AdSense enabled for these videos. I seriously am just looking for your opinions/prefe. http://zoomquilt.org/index.html. Point me in the right direction. ( Zoom through an adventure. ( Space version of the previous link. ( This one always makes me laugh because I can totally feel the particles and they tickle. ( If you're feeling creative. ( And my favorite: --- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SONGS/ALBUMS: In Return. well shit. stumbled upon this subreddit. heres my contribution i guess youre welcome world. Sorry if repost, I thought it was super cool though. http://cosmic-symbolism.com/. It follows the exact same style as this ( video, but is a bit more colourful and I think I remember it being (possibly) posted in /r/LSD. Can anyone help a brother out? Edit: It may have featured more trees and nature. It was Arkadia (www.arkadia.xyz)! check If you know of any fun websites that can be enhanced by trees go ahead and post a link Here's a few to start off: Newrafael.com/websites Procatinator.com Zoomquilt.org Enjoy